PICKLE is a short meditation on man's relationship with animals, recounting one couple's collection of random mutant adopted pets that may or may not have met an untimely demise.

A small-time ride operator and his beloved carnival contraption are driven out of Coney Island when the City of New York and an opportunistic developer lock horns over the future of the world famous amusement park. ZIPPER examines the high cost of economic development on an American cultural icon.


MUSKRAT LOVELY follows the events leading to the 50th crowning of “Miss Outdoors,” where local high school girls compete to become queen of the world’s fastest muskrat skinners. It's an ironic and tender look at the yearly event of a close-knit community in a remote area of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.


The New York School of Dog Grooming was in business for over 45 years. It was the kind of place hundreds of people walked by each day without giving a thought to what went on inside. BEAUTY SCHOOL went inside. It’s a warm, yet wry portrait of a school that taught a profession unlike any other.